Sweet Seeds S.A.D S1

Sweet Seeds S.A.D S1

3+1 seeds
Sweet Seeds



Self-pollination of one of our most powerful and aromatic mothers, a Black Domina selected from seed in 1998, famous in the cannabic scene as Black Domina'98. One of the most awarded strains of our catalog.

The self-pollination of this super mother produces plants with indica structure, short internodal distance, strong main stem and multiple side branches.

Featuring fast flowering and high yield, the plants develop dense buds covered with abundant resin. This strain features sweet intense aroma and a musky flavor inherited from its Afghan ancestors.

This S1 seed allows for a very homogeneous offspring regarding the described characteristics. Great plant for growing indoors being an all-rounder in outdoors. Easy to grow and very resistant to pests and fungus.


Variety: SWS02

Indica: 90%

Sativa: 10%

THC: 15-20%

CBD: 1,8%

Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m²

Outdoor Yield: 350-550 g/plant

Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks

Effects: Medicinal, Relaxing

Taste: Fruity, Spices, Earthy, Musk, Floral, Hashish, Sweet

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